Life Coach Certification Classes Begin May 28th, 2018

May 28th, 2018


Do you find yourself supporting others on a daily basis?

Are you a motivational friend? Are you an accountability partner?

Do you love giving sound-feedback to those in need?

If so, being a life coach is the job for you. Life coaching is not counseling or therapy. A life coach is simply a supporting role in an individual’s life. Life coaches help clients realize their full potential, set goals, make a plan, and then execute; all while holding their client accountable on the journey.

In this course you’ll learn:

  • The difference between coaching and counseling
  • How to prepare yourself for a career in coaching
  • The top coaching categories
  • How to choose your lane
  • How to structure your coaching business
  • How to get and keep clients
  • How to build on social media
  • How to market and network
  • How to expand your brand into other areas
  • How to coach clients through key life decisions
  • Plus much more
  • We will have extensive Q&A sessions to answer all of your questions

Life Coach Certification Training | Tony Gaskins Motivational Speaker

* You’ll receive a textbook and workbook by email
* The course is 9 weeks long
* Classes are taught on Monday nights at 9pmEST
* All calls are recorded for your convenience
* After turning in your exams at the end of the course you will receive a certificate by email to print and frame to your liking                           *There are NO Refunds once your spot has been issued

There is such a thing as a certified life coach, but law does not require it. A life coach cannot diagnose individuals or prescribe medicine so the law does not regulate life coaches. Many people ask if the course is accredited. In fact, no course is truly accredited because there isn’t one sole governing body like there is in the practices of therapy and counseling. Your life coaching certification is only as good as the person/people who created it. In most courses you can’t directly see any success of the creators beyond the course they’ve created. You rarely get to see the individual(s) behind the course and how they’ve made their teachings work in their own business.

This course is different. In my case, I learned how to build a 6-figure coaching business and attract celebrity clientele, well before the age of 30! I realized that I created a system and a code of ethics that are rare in this field and that is why I created this course.

If you’d like to learn my blueprint to building a successful coaching business, this course is for you!

Price: $1,197 ($4,997 Value)

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