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I’m proud to announce Self-Love University is now LIVE! Click below to join the crew!


Do you find yourself supporting others on a daily basis? Are you a motivational speaker to your friends? Are you an accountability partner?

If so, being a life coach is the job for you. Life coaching is not counseling or therapy. A life coach is simply a supporting role in an individual’s life. Life coaches help clients realize their full potential, set goals, make a plan, and then execute; all while holding their client accountable on the journey.

Real Love University - from motivational speaker Tony Gaskins

Real Love University

Learn how to build and sustain a healthy relationship, or break free from a toxic one. We weren’t given the opportunity to take a Love Course in school and as a result, many of us nearly lost our minds trying to navigate them on our own. I had to learn how to love the hard way. I learned that if we’ve never seen real love exemplified, we instead learn how to hate ourselves.

Instead of a relationship being a blissful experience it becomes a battle field most days. We go from pain to pain and rarely discover the reason why. We get hurt and we hurt others, and as a result we profess that love is pain..

Join me in this 7-week course and I’m confident that your love-life will benefit greatly!


Make it Work: A Course for Couples

This course is specifically designed for couples. We will address all aspects of a relationship in this course.

This 4-Week course is designed for couples married, engaged, or headed in that direction.

Courses will cover:

  • History + Biography
  • The Art of Forgiving
  • Better Communication
  • and How to Make It Work
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Make it Work - from motivational speaker Tony Gaskins

This is only the beginning. Click HERE to view more of my courses currently available.