Build your vision, work with purpose, and live the life of your dreams.

The Dream Chaser shows you how to step out of the day-to-day grind and start creating the life you want. Does your daily effort at work build your dream, or someone else’s? Do you do your job for the paycheck or the fulfillment? It’s possible to have both, and this book shows you how to get there. The key is in following your passion and purpose. You have a natural-born talent—whether you know it or not—that can make the world a better place. You have a unique story and vision that can lead you to the life you love. Purpose-minded entrepreneurs are changing the world every day, living and working with passion and excitement. This book shows you how to stay focused on your goals, build a solid hands-on strategy, leverage your talents and abilities, and build a business that benefits the world.

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  • Class is taught by phone, TUESDAY night’s at 10pm EST
  • Calls are recorded for your convenience
  • Each week there will be a 30 minute lesson and 30 minutes for live Q&A
  • Couples receive 50% off couples coaching for up to four weeks after the course ends

All couples will receive a PDF of the Real Love Workbook

This course is specifically designed for serious couples. These are key lessons that we must learn to maintain a happy relationship. After a decade of relationship coaching I’ve discovered that many relationships fail for the same reasons. It took my wife and I two years to work through our issues and get on the same page. Since then we’ve created a near perfect relationship without arguing, fighting, trust issues or infidelity. There is always room for growth and that’s why we created this course.

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Learn how to build and sustain a healthy relationship, or break free from a toxic one. We weren’t given the opportunity to take a Love Course in school and as a result, many of us nearly lost our minds trying to navigate them on our own. I had to learn how to love the hard way.

I learned that if we’ve never seen real love exemplified, we instead learn how to hate ourselves. Instead of a relationship being a blissful experience it becomes a battle field most days. We go from pain to pain and rarely discover the reason why. We get hurt and we hurt others, and as a result we profess that love is pain.

Mistakes can be our best teacher, but if we aren’t able to get the lesson from the mistakes we continue to make them. My mistakes almost ended my marriage. I got married at twenty-three years old and by twenty-five I’d almost ruined it.

After begging my wife for one more chance at love I finally began to seek answers. I went through countless hours of relationship coaching and I began analyzing every mistake I’d ever made in relationships. I prayed and I studied. God opened my eyes and granted me wisdom on love and relationships that blew my mind.

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Do you have what it takes to be a life coach? Do you find yourself supporting others on a daily basis? Are you a motivational friend?  Are you an accountability partner? Do you love giving sound-feedback to those in need?

If so, being a life coach is the job for you. Life coaching is not counseling or therapy. A life coach is simply a supporting role in an individual’s life. Life coaches help clients realize their full potential, set goals, make a plan, and then execute; all while holding their client accountable on the journey.

There is such a thing as a certified life coach, but law does not require it. A life coach cannot diagnose individuals or prescribe medicine so the law does not regulate life coaches. Many people ask if the course is accredited. In fact, no course is truly accredited because there isn’t one sole governing body like there is in the practices of therapy and counseling. Your life coaching certification is only as good as the person/people who created it. In most courses you can’t directly see any success of the creators beyond the course they’ve created. You rarely get to see the individual(s) behind the course and how they’ve made their teachings work in their own business. This course is different.

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