Love isn’t war

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We’ve been lied to for a long time about love. We’ve come to the point that we think fighting, arguing, infidelity, and mind games are a part of love. It may be a part of the relationship you’re in, but it has nothing to do with love.

Love should be between two mature adults who want the best for one another. Love is selfless not selfish. Love gives instead of taking. Love is understanding and compassionate. Love may compromise some likes and preferences, but never does it compromise morals and values.

Make sure the person in your life wants to be with you. If you have to wonder about their love, it may not exist. Don’t get caught up in a daily struggle trying to keep someone in your life. Don’t lose yourself trying to keep someone else. Don’t lower your standards to accommodate their self-hate.

If you’ve found yourself in a war and calling it love, it’s time to rethink some things.


Tony G.

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  • Catrice Major says:

    Why is it that every time I run into my ex Husband he always talks about how he’s going to make his fiance so happy and that he’s doing this and that for her and when He was with me he couldn’t have this or that, when all he did was run the streets and cheat our entire marriage. Why do he feel he has to throw what he’s doing for his fiance in my face and talk about how good of a woman she is. We were together over 23years the women he cheated on me with is now his fiance.

  • pamela says:

    soo true